Take a Hike in Wilacre Park

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Take a Hike in Wilacre Park

Looking for an escape from the bustling L.A. city scene? Then pay a visit to the new and improved Wilacre Park! Recently renovated, Wilacre Park provides 128 acres of great hiking trails and beautiful views for anyone that visits.

Where’s it at?  

Situated in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains, Wilacre Park is a short 4-minute drive away from the Studio City area. A few months ago, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority closed the park to improve its overall infrastructure. Now, park goers can benefit from an ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible parking lot, before heading to the trails. Wilacre Park is bordered by Coldwater Canyon Park as well as Fryman Canyon Park.

What can I do?

There are plenty of things to do at Wilacre Park! Pack a lunch and enjoy it at the new picnic tables, located at the trailhead. Or take a hike on any of the park’s winding trails. Visitors have access to the Betty B. Dearing trail as well as the Cross Mountain Park trail system to Fryman Canyon Park, Coldwater Canyon Park and Franklin Canyon Park. Although it starts off steep, Wilacre Park’s main trail is well-shaded and not considered highly difficult. Dogs are welcome along the trails, as well as bikes and horseback riding.

What’s new?

From September 2017 through January 2018, Wilacre Park underwent a significant renovation. Because of this project, trail visitors can now enjoy a more accessible parking lot, along with new picnic tables and convenient bathrooms. Permanent bathroom and washroom fixtures were installed, so that now guests can enjoy a fully operational facility. Make sure to visit the park this year to see its great improvements!

Where should I stay?

After a long day of hiking the picturesque L.A. trails, relax at Sportsmen Lodge. Located in Studio City, this beautiful boutique hotel offers modern amenities while preserving its old Hollywood history. You won’t be disappointed with your stay at Sportsmen Lodge.


Wilacre Park
Where: 3431 Fryman Road, Studio City, CA
Hours: 7 days a week | sunrise to sunset
Admission: FREE

Sportsmen Lodge
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