Historic Los Angeles Restaurants

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Historic Los Angeles Restaurants

While Los Angeles is booming with trendy dining and the newest foodie favorites, some restaurants are serving up something a little different: nostalgia. If you’re looking for a culinary vacation to old Hollywood, consider visiting some of the area’s most historic restaurants, listed below.



This historic restaurant opened in 1908 and is located in L.A.’s oldest public building, the Pacific Electric building. Inside Cole’s, you’ll find a 40-foot mahogany bar and tables carved from the sides of old trolley cars. While Cole’s serves up lots of great food, they are most well-known for the original French Dip sandwich. Rumor has it, a customer came in asking for sauce on his sandwich to make it easier to eat (because of a toothache). So, the chef dipped the sandwich in some au jus and the “rest is history.”


Musso & Frank Grill

Built four years before the Hollywood sign made its debut, Musso & Frank Grill is a local staple. The restaurant has been passed down through three generations and its menu has gone virtually unchanged for nearly 100 years. At Musso & Frank, you’ll find perfectly cooked steaks and what GQ claims to be the best martini in America.


Pacific Dining Car

At Pacific Dining Car, indulge in steak, seafood, you-name-it while sitting in a 1921 railway train car. This unique L.A. spot is the only fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles to serve guests 24 hours a day. The late night menu (10p – 6a) includes steak, sandwiches, egg specials and salads, and is available to any night owl with an appetite!


The Original Pantry Cafe

Another 24-hour restaurant is the The Original Pantry Café on the corner of 9th and Figueroa. Literally open since 1924 (they claim they’ve never closed their doors), the café serves up everything from steak and breakfast food, to cakes and pies. If you plan on dining here, make sure you have enough cash! In true historic fashion, the restaurant does not accept credit cards or checks.

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After you visit one (or all) of these famous restaurants, continue your trip down memory lane with a stay at Sportsmen Lodge. Located in Studio City, this beautiful boutique hotel was once popular among old Hollywood royalty like Clark Gale and Katherine Hepburn.


Sportsmen Lodge
With the soul of iconic Hollywood and aesthetic of modern Los Angeles, this historic hotel is just minutes from the best attractions of San Fernando Valley. 12825 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604. 818.769.4700